Repairs to Pair of Floor Standing 21" Globes on Stands

These are a pair of late 18th century globes on stands by J & W Cary.
The globes being celestial and terrestrial and the stands stamped J & W Cary 1799

The globes were presented split and dirty with damage to their stands including
missing compasses and fittings.

Before After
Before The fully restored globe
The damage is clearly visible with large crack across the circumference
The damaged globe

Cleaning the globes
A thorough cleaning brings back the original detail
At work cleaning the frame
compass supports The fittings supporting the compass had to be constructed
Compass fittings The fittings attached ready for the compass
Drawing the compass dial The compass was painstakingly drawn then copied onto authentic paper
The completed conmpass section  The completed compass section

Before After
Before The fully restored globe

These Pair of Globes on stands were fully restored by
RSM Antique Restorations of Blackpool


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